Lilac Daze

by Lilac Daze

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released October 14, 2016




Lilac Daze Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Shark Bait
We left our troubles in Maryland
685 miles away
Today we leave in our canoe
A new life painted deep blue

Let's take a trip out at sea
Where we're going doesn't matter much to me
Shark bait, you and me
I don't care we could die happily

The waves, the current, and this view of you
The northern air, this carefree feeling too
We'll set fire to old school books
Lord of the Flies, Catcher in the Rye
Track Name: Glow In The Dark
I'm just a fucked up kid
Trapped in a fucked up man
I'm wide awake
This nightmare never ends.

There's something wrong with me

Old habits die so hard
I'm nothing but a shard of my former self
Wish I was someone else
Someone good

There's nothing wrong with me
Track Name: Wrought Iron Fence
I'm downtown at night
Alcohol and pale moonlight
Old wooden doors
Stone steps and stained glass windows

Can you hear me?
Can you hear me this time?
Can you hear me?
I'm screaming out to you

I'm just a boy with a curious mind
Never satisfied with the answers I find
Maybe someday this will all make sense
For now I feel impaled by the wrought iron fence

I stumble inside
I'm drunk and stupid so I rest my head
A silhouette on the pew
A million other things I'd rather do

Alone in the dark
Laughing in confession
Can you hear me this time?
Silence whispers back to me

You're just a boy with a curious mind
Never satisfied with the answers you find
Maybe someday this will all make sense
For now you're crucified on the wrought iron fence

I'm just a boy crucified on the fence
Track Name: Future Unknown
Pennsylvania countryside
Last couple ounces of pride
Laughing and talking all the way
Old houses rest in decay

We hugged goodbye and I dropped you off
I drove around just to see the town
Route 15 the whole way home
Future unknown

I'm next in line
But I ripped my ticket
You still call my name
So I run away

The holy ghost and the civil war
And biblical folklore
Happy hour on the weekday
Which path will I take?
Track Name: Drinking With An Ulcer
The harder I try not to think
The deeper in my head I start to sink
Insanity is on the brink
Won't you pour me one more drink?

I look in the mirror and I see someone else
It's been so long since I've felt like myself
Sleep is the only time that I feel at ease
Why oh why won't this anxiety cease?

When I was a kid I couldn't wait to grow up
Now I'm in my twenties and I'm feeling stuck
I didn't appreciate the things that I had
They're gone for good and they'll never come back
Track Name: Lonely Eyes
I know you waist deep
So why can't I keep you close to me?
Pink hair and purple knees with constant anxiety
In this room we lay as trees
deep rooted without any leaves
You stare at me emptily until you fall asleep and forget me

And I'll try to hide the guise
that we'll be just friends
So she'll cry with lonely eyes
but we'll be just friends

Dark red, blue, and green
on that first night you noticed me
Thigh to thigh, hand in hand I passively listened to your plans
about road trips and family
and how you liked to talk to me
You stare at me emptily until you fall asleep and forget me

It's okay to be just friends
Track Name: Null And Void
Wake up staring at the wall
Small talk with myself
Dry eyes
Superficial demands
I fix a drink and go to sleep

Cue the end to my hopeless grandeur vision
There's no silver lining in inherent indecision
I roll my eyes back
I see nothing
Easily fixated
Stubbornly unmotivated
I'm like a dying bird drying out in the sun
Leave me to die
I am happy

Drifting from day to day
Freak out occasionally
I play guitar and try to sing
I forget almost everything

This is the end
A boring story with a weak plot
Everything was going fine, but now it's null and void
Track Name: Jack O' Lanterns
Every year I miss it more than the year I did before
Memories of days past, they seem so long ago
Every year I miss it more

Then you walked through the door

Tastes and smells linger behind
Images burned in my mind
Smoky autumn air and days of innocence
Every day I miss it more

Then we walked through the door
Track Name: So Confused
It's so easy to say what they don't want you to say
It's even easier to see that it's not about me

Every time I think I'm right it turns out I don't know
Every time I think I'm wrong it turns out I don't know
I'll just sit here on my hands and act like I don't know
The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know

I don't know where to start because I'm so far behind
So I'll dive right in and sink to the ocean floor

SOS! Could you please tell me where to go?
I'll do my best to understand, but please talk slow
I must digress because I'm starting to be so confused
The only thing I know for sure is that I don't know