by Lilac Daze



released July 8, 2014

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Precocious Studio by Pablo Cabrera
Released by Black Numbers




Lilac Daze Frederick, Maryland

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Track Name: Frederick Rock City
when I hear those few words
it paints an image in my head
of the past and the present
my rationale shatters like glass
thoughts go racing around my head
I don't know who to root for
I hope they all just run their course
run away and disappear

i've fallen through a trap door in my mind
which houses all my insecurities

well I know that you aren't serious
but if feels like you're so serious
i'm seriously sick of all this serious mentality

I used to think all humans were inherently good
every time i'm wrong someone proves me right
what's the riddle to this?
I think i'm too serious
Track Name: Fountain And Medicine
change of pace
I need it more than you think
hopeless. I start to sink
sleep in. i'm late again
fountain and medicine

from sunrise to sunset
this is getting old
I want to gouge out my eyes
when I look toward the future
Track Name: Life Scout
Another day
get out of bed
Storm and clouds
looming overhead
My bodies aching
and I'm filled with dread
I think I'm gonna go back to bed

My mind is an island and I'm lost at sea
S.O.S. please rescue me
How many times will I make this mistake?
How much longer before my body breaks?

When your tunnel's running out of light
and your future's not looking bright
There's always tomorrow to make things right
You can't give up without a fight !
Track Name: Kathleen
I remember in the morning
You would wake me up
I would make you breakfast
Then we'd go back to bed

The summer sun
Coming through your bedroom door
Time was endless
Then you left us

Why can't I cry
Why did you die

I wish I could've been there
Holding you tightly
With your little body nicely
Fitting into my arms
Track Name: Porcelain God
I think I found out who I am today
a self-critic with too much to say

I was laying on the bathroom floor
confessing my mistakes to a porcelain god

i'm tired of asking for second chances
so much focus on forgiving myself
she said "just go to bed"
I guess I should learn to take advice one day
Track Name: Knives
Space in my chest
Art class
Don't give me your hat as I walk home
In the cold
'Cause I hate you

Baggy t-shirt on
Leave fast
Don't call me a kid as I walk home
On the phone
'Cause I hate you

Now that you're gone I can move on
At age 15 innocence lost
Stab me again it won't be as bad
Memories of you are knives of the past

I hate you